Sept 1/2012

Thank you  for logging on  the Airport Taxi

All details on this web site has been removed as of Sept 1st 2012.

Dear passengers,

Unfortunately at this time we have suspended indefinitely our Airport Taxi service.
We appreciate having served you for almost 12 years and for your continued loyalty in using our services.
The reasons for this decision are many. Without going into too many unnecessary details, the most important and relevant is that I have been operating the service practically around the clock for almost 12 years with very little or no down time.
During these twelve years there has been plenty of time and opportunities to resolve all matters as it relates to conflicts and issues at the airport regarding other transportation services. Unfortunately today we are literally in the same position as twelve years ago when we first began offering the service. A one man army simply cannot fight a war.

At this time no further reservations will be taken. If reservations have been made previously, we have made arrangements for you to be looked after.
If you need to contact us you can e-mail us at 

We do apologize for the short and abrupt notice but trust that you would understand.
Perhaps we may serve you again in the future.

Michel (Mike) Larochelle
Airport Shuttle and Taxi (1468749 Ont. Ltd)
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